Libby O'Brien

In 1980, Libby O’Brien came to UPEI where she excelled in field hockey and basketball. Over her five years at UPEI she was described in many ways, but one of her more popular nicknames was “Sparkplug.” From day one, she made an impression, winning Panther Field Hockey’s Rookie of the Year in 1980. In 1981–82, she was Basketball’s Most Improved Player. For three years in a row Libby won UPEI Outstanding Athlete of the Year: 1982–83, and co-winner in 1983–84 and 1984–85. She was an AUAA All-Star for Field Hockey in 1982, and MVP for both Field Hockey and Basketball. In 1983–84, with new coach Dave MacNeill, the Basketball team began to get noticed. Libby was named 2nd-Team All-Conference and shared Basketball’s MVP award, captured MVP for Basketball, and was named UPEI Outstanding Athlete of the Year.

 Libby now lives in Saint John, New Brunswick. with her family, and is still involved with basketball.