Jack Reardon

Jack Reardon

Basketball was a relatively new sport in PEI when Jack Reardon arrived on the Island from Augusta, Maine. However, just a few years later, “Deadeye Reardon” was dominating the intercollegiate opposition in a way never seen before.

Jack was the star of the team, and the league, during his University years in the early 1950s. He created unbelievable excitement, filling the new Alumni Gymnasium with spectators for every home game.

Before long, he was a legend on and off the campus. Newspaper stories of the day tell the story best:

March 8, 1951: “Top man that evening was the Saints’ Jack Reardon who flipped for 26 points. Reardon now has the top scoring average in the league and seems certain to repeat his last year’s scoring title.”

March 24, 1952: SDU in 78–52 Hoop Victory over PWC Team: “Long John Reardon of St. Dunstan’s University scored 36 points Saturday night...”

Winter 1953: Saints Wallop UNB 95–43 in Cage Opener; Reardon scores 35 points.

Winter 1955: St. Dunstan’s Hoop Star has Brilliant Record: “Reardon compiled an unheard-of record in Maritime Intercollegiate basketball this season when he scored 188 points in six league games for an average of 31.3 points a game. His best intercollegiate performance was made against St. Thomas when he scored 42 points.”

Jack also brought to St. Dunstan’s a knowledge of American football and applied some of its principles to rugby, in which he came to excel in as a fullback. During his rugby years at St. Dunstan’s, he was a star because of his passing and kicking abilities. He performed an unusual feat of winning two Maritime-Intercollegiate and Senior Championships in 1952 and 1954.