UPEI Sport Hall of Fame

The University Sports Hall of Fame recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to the athletic programs at the University of Prince Edward Island, St. Dunstan's University, or Prince of Wales College. Each year, individual athletes, coaches, teams, and builders will be inducted to honour their contributions to the University's athletic success and/or community leadership.


Categories for Induction


Nominee(s) must have represented UPEI, SDU, or PWC as a student-athlete(s) and/or competed with distinction at the highest level of athletic competition available at the time. Normally, consideration for selection will be given to an athlete/team following a minimum five-year absence from the varsity program. 


Nominee(s) must have coached at UPEI, SDU, or PWC. Consideration for selection will be given to a coach following a minimum 3 year absence from the varsity program. 


Nominee must be a member of the University community who has made a significant contribution to UPEI, SDU, PWC athletics for a minimum of five years other than as a student-athlete. Consideration will not be given until a minimum of 10 years after a nominee’s initial involvement or appointment.

To better prepare for and administer the UPEI Sports Hall of Fame, we have created the following processes to enhance the identification and selection of inductees:

Committee Structure

Selection Committee

This committee will consist of the Director of Athletics and Recreation, the Varsity Sport Coordinator, the Manager of Alumni, the Manager of Athletics Development and 3-4 community members who have a keen interest in Panther Sport.  

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Select chairs for each of the Sport Committees. 
  • Provide chairs with complete rosters - UPEI alumni and nominees from SDU & PWC.
  • Review the recommendations made by the Sport Committees and make the final decisions as to who will be recognized and when.   
  • Organize, communicate and administer the recognition ceremonies. 
  • Review the annual updates provided by Sport Committees each April.  

Sport Committees 

The chair (in consultation with the current varsity team head coach, Varsity Sport Coordinator and/or Athletic Director) for each sport committee will assemble a small committee of sport representatives/historians.  

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Identify athletes, coaches, builders and teams from their respective sport that are deserving of recognition at each of the tiers described below (Team recognition, Hall of Fame, Retiring number). 
  • Present their initial selections to the Selection Committee by June 20th, 2020.  
  • Each April, they will revisit, update and resubmit their selections to the selection committe.

Nomination Process

  • Each spring, there will be a public call for UPEI Sports Hall of Fame nominations.
  • Any individual with an interest in UPEI, SDU, or PWC athletics may submit nominations for the Sports Hall of Fame.
  • Each nomination must be accompanied by a 500-word description of the nominee’s career.
  • For Nomination forms please click HERE. These forms can be submitted anytime.
  • Nominations will be received by the selection committee.   


  • Those chosen will be inducted into the UPEI Sports Hall of Fame. 
  • A 18 x 24 inch black granite plaque will be added to the Hall of Fame display. To view current inductees click the "Inductees" link in the navigation bar above.
  • The inductee will receive an 8 x 10 inch black granite keeper plaque.
  • The inductee will be invited to our Annual Hall of Fame/Sports Legacy Awards Gala.