SPORT: Women's Hockey


HOMETOWN: Kensington, PE

YEAR: 2nd


Q: What's your daily routine like?

A: I'm up early and go to work with my father on the boat, working on mussels and oysters and putting in a full day. In the evening I do virtual workouts with my trainer or go for a run with my dog. After that I watch a little Netflix and then it's lights out.

Q: What are you doing to prepare for the 2020-21 season?

A: I work out almost every day, changing between cardio and weights. I also practice my shots on the weekend for a couple hours.

Q: What (creative) ways are you working on your skill development while at home?

A: I made a wrist strengthening bar with a small weight to help strengthen my wrists for my wrist shot.

Q: What is your nutrition program like?

A: I eat different fruits for breakfast as I'm up pretty early. I pack my lunch with protein and carbs (usually a sandwich) and for supper I have a full meal with mixed fruits for dessert.

Q: How are you staying connected with teammates, friends and family?

A: I talk to my teammates almost every day through different social media platforms. I also call and have driveway visits with my grandparents weekly.

Q: When the anxiety of living during a pandemic gets to be overwhelming what do you do to get through it?

A: I try to stay busy and get outside as much as I can. When I'm not working, I go for bike rides with my mother, and I've recently tried trout fishing too.

Q: What's something new you've been doing during this time?

A: I've been trying to stay off my phone and laptop and get outside to stay active. I've also been playing more board games and cards with my family and listening to the hoedown regularly.

Q: What's the one thing you miss the most? 

A: Being able to be with my family and friends and hugging them. I also miss not being able to go to the gym regularly.

Q: What's your go-to binge-worthy TV show? Why?

A: My favourite show is Outer Banks on Netflix. It reminds me of what it's like to live in P.E.I. and our summers here with friends.

Q: Best movie franchise to watch while quarantined? Why?

A: My favourite movie franchise is Pitch Perfect because everyone brings something different to their team, which proves to be successful in the end.