SPORT: Track & Field

POSITION: 60m Sprinter

HOMETOWN: Mount Stewart, PE

YEAR: 5th

MAJOR: Nursing

Q: What's your daily routine like?

A: I try to start my day with some yoga to get my body awake and energized for the day. I like to try to be as productive as I can throughout the day and yoga always sets me up for that. On nice days I go for a walk around the neighbourhood with my boyfriend and get some fresh air and complete a circuit workout outside. I try to learn something new each day, listening to podcasts has been great. I spend my evenings relaxing and winding down with some TV and end my day with mindful meditation.

Q: What are you doing to prepare for the 2020-21 season?

A: It's hard to prepare at the moment when nothing is open! I'm not a huge fan of jogging or running on trails as a sprinter (we're lazy, or at least I am). I'm trying hard to focus on maintaining my strength the best I can and do some track-specific exercises that I'm able to do with what I have, which is my body weight and some bands. When the track opens up, I'm going to have a lot of catching up to do, but I hope by maintaining what I have, the transition won't be as difficult.

Q: What (creative) ways are you working on your skill development while at home?

A: Our coach, Colin, has been doing his research and has provided us with some videos on specific workouts and exercises we can do off the track to help maintain. I have really been focusing on stability and keeping any possible injuries from occurring and strengthening myself so that I'll be stronger when we can get back on the track.

Q: What is your nutrition program like?

A: My nutrition has always been a problem…I love my snacks. However, I have been trying hard to focus on getting protein in different ways and using this time to find different ways of cooking and trying different recipes.

Q: How are you staying connected with teammates, friends and family?

A: Our track team has a Facebook group where Colin has been posting helpful info and where we can keep connected. Other social media outlets have kept me connected with friends and family as well.

Q: When the anxiety of living during a pandemic gets to be overwhelming what do you do to get through it?

A: I find yoga and mindful meditation to be my favourite ways to help stay grounded and focused on what I can control during these crazy times. We don't know what the track season will be like this season if there will be one at all, but trying to focus on what I can do at the moment to stay healthy and injury-free is most important right now.

I also enjoy distracting myself by playing around with makeup and frequently changing my hair colour.

Q: What's something new you've been doing during this time?

A: I haven't really started anything new, I've just been focusing on being more accountable with the things I've been doing to keep my body and mind healthy.

Q: What's the one thing you miss the most? 

A: Other than my family and friends, I really miss going to the outdoor track. The track has become a peaceful place over the last 10+ years. Although it brings along feelings of anxiety/stress when I'm training at times, it's also a place I can spend hours at, taking time to stretch and reflect and focus on myself and becoming stronger.

Q: What's your go-to binge-worthy TV show? Why?

A: I really enjoy true crime videos, documentaries, shows, etc. Lately, I have started re-watching Criminal Minds. I'm fascinated with psychology and behaviour analysis!

Q: Best movie franchise to watch while quarantined? Why?

A: I've been too focused on getting through all the seasons of Criminal Minds, I haven't watched a whole lot of movies.