Atlantic University Sport: COVID-19 Impacts Update

Atlantic University Sport: COVID-19 Impacts Update

(HALIFAX, N.S.) In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Atlantic University Sport continues to work with our 11 member universities and counterparts across the country to assess possible implications on the upcoming competition season.

As we work towards a return-to-play plan, the conference continues to prioritize the health and safety of student-athletes through adherence to public health directives.

As provincial governments begin to outline the phases of cautious and diligent recovery strategies, the AUS conference will continue to monitor and evaluate the impact these decisions and timelines will have on our operations. Furthermore, decisions regarding competition will be impacted by the directives of the provincial health authorities from all four Atlantic provinces, as well as by the individual decisions made by the 11 academic institutions.

With these constantly evolving variables in mind, the conference continues to update its set of contingency plans based on evolving possible scenarios for the 2020-21 AUS competitive season.


Meetings of the AUS management council and AUS board of directors are scheduled for later this month. Further updates will be provided by the conference the week of June 1.

More than competition

In the face of uncertainty around the start of the competitive season, the AUS conference and its member universities are working together towards alternative program delivery strategies.

AUS members remain committed to providing programming to their student-athletes through the 2020-21 season and will work within the parameters they are afforded by public health authorities.

"As the AUS continues to navigate the complexities of this situation, we remain certain about the value of our sport programs on our member university campuses," said AUS president John Richard. "We know that our worlds will be a lot different this fall but what stays the same is the impact we can have for supporting the ongoing development of our student-athletes as future leaders in our communities."

"The AUS is still here and going strong, and it's important people know that won't change regardless of whichever logistical situation we are faced with," said AUS executive director Phil Currie. "Our member universities and sport programs facilitate much more than just competition throughout a season. So too, our student-athletes are leaders in their communities far beyond the surface of play."