Staff Directory


Name Title Phone E-Mail
Chris Huggan Athletic Director
(902) 566-0715
Ron Annear Varsity Sport Coordinator
(902) 566-0991
Allan Hughes Business Manager
(902) 620-5150
Jonathan Lane Coordinator, Sales & Panther Academy
(902) 566-0636
Stephanie Knickle Manager, Campus and Community Recreation
(902) 566-0305
Angela Marchbank Fitness and Wellness Coordinator
(902) 566-0606
Leigh Reid Coordinator, Promotions and Community Engagement

Men's Basketball

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Rami Arabi Assistant Coach
Darrell Glenn Head Coach
(902) 388-1687

Men's Ice Hockey

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Forbes MacPherson Head Coach
(902) 566-0986
Kenny MacDougall Assistant Coach
Mark Carragher Assistant Coach
Andrew Penny Assistant Coach
Denny King Panther TV
Jamie Blanchard Goaltender Coach
Trevor MacPherson Equipment Manager

Men's Soccer

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Lewis Page Head Coach
(902) 388-0169
Bruce Norton Assistant Coach
Dave Snowie Assistant Coach
Fred Foster Manager

Women's Basketball

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Greg Gould Head Coach
(902) 940-2344
Jay Mingrone Assistant Coach
(902) 394-2508
Kathy Murray Assistant Coach
(902) 940-3291
Carolyn Huggan Assistant Coach
Katie Donahoe Assistant Coach

Women's Ice Hockey

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Bruce Donaldson Head Coach
(902) 566-0354
Lance Jones Assistant Coach
Don MacFadyen Manager
Mary Jane Roper Assistant Coach

Women's Rugby

Name Title Phone E-Mail
John LaBoyne Head Coach
James Voye Assistant Coach

Women's Soccer

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Graeme McDonald Head Coach
(902) 394-6276
Janos Barna Assistant Coach
Kieran Goodwin Assistant Coach
Lynn Olscamp Manager

Cross Country

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Colin MacAdam Head Coach
Vanessa Foster Assistant Coach
Danny Lane Assistant Coach

Field Hockey

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Sheila Bell Head Coach
(902) 388-1318
Lacey MacLauchlan Assistant Coach
Barb Carmichael Manager


Name Title Phone E-Mail
Tom Ponting Head Coach
Tony Theriault Assistant Coach